Portal Scroll

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You can never have enough of these. Bought cheap and used up quick, you can go to town and sell loot to the vendor. Have you even thought about what you’ve been leaving there just laying on the ground?  You’re not that wasteful in real life, are you? ;-)

Portal Scrolls aren’t only helpful for selling loot, but only in dangerous boss battles, where you can just portal out into the nearest town. You can even use them in groups to refill your flasks during a hard boss fight.

Cheap purchases from RandyRun afford you the luxury of never needing to keep an eye on how many Portal Scrolls you have left.  And free top service to boot!

Portal ScrollStack Size: 40Creates a portal to townRight click on this item to use it.
Shift click to unstack.
Leveringstid 0-24 timer
Leveringsmåte Face 2 Face
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