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WoW Leveling Pack Lvl 100-110

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  • Almost all taxi nodes on the broken isles will be unlocked.
  • Average itemlevel ~ 770-780
  • Around 3.500 Artifact Power for the Artifact for your main character specialization (For Level 100-110)(We will not spend any artifact power, so you can skill the artifact as you wish)
  • Around 5.000 Order Resources
  • Around 8.000 Gold
  • Order Hall is unlocked but all missions and improvements are still open. You can customize your Order Hall as you want.
  • Beside the Artifact for your main character specialization we will also try to unlock the artifacts for the other specializations.
  • World Quests and Suramar(110 End Game Content) unlocked.
  • None of the group or dungeon quests at the end of a zone will be completed (story quests). You can complete them yourself and receive the reward scaled to level 110.
  • After we reach level 110 we will continue the leveling and unlock suramar and world quests. We will notify you after we have completed this task. Please dont login before we notify you that the leveling is completed. If you want to start playing as soon as we hit level 110, please tell us so we will finish the order and skip unlocking the end game content. In this case you will not have access to it, but of course you can unlock it yourself.
  • We will start your order right at the release of WoW Legion (08/30/2016)(Occurring server problems can delay the process)



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Leveringsmåte Leveling on my account


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